Creation is a strange and elusive process- the stuff of late nights, closed doors and black coffee. At times isolating, at times collaborative – alternately difficult and rewarding – making the subconscious manifest is always a journey, a wild ride on idea and emotion.

Whether the outcome is music or film, food or shelter, sculpture or science – the getting from “here” to “there” is a path every artist takes, regardless of medium.

As a writer and designer faced with our own unique challenges, we felt it would be a fascinating project to ask for insight into creativity from a wide variety of people… working in a broad range of media.  We want to create a library of sorts, an ever evolving archive of commiseration, illumination and inspiration. It’s our hope you find something here that elevates you, blows your mind, or just makes you feel less alone in the dark. 

Here’s to all those out there fighting the good fight, trying their best to bring beauty, innovation, weirdness, intensity, and strange dreams… into reality.

Chris and Jessica

We’ve answered our own questions:

Christopher Tonry interview

Jessica Hundley interview

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